What exactly are custom embroidered badges?

A finished logo by our football logo designer

Custom embroidered badges are cloth patches or emblems with designs or logos sewn on them using specialised machinery. Custom embroidered badges are made up of stitches, sometimes the stitches cover the whole of the badge.However sometimes the embroidery stitches do not cover the whole of the badge. For instance the custom embroidered badge could be made by having a white … Read More

Football Logo Templates

Custom Badge FB001C Graphic Lion 1 Blue

What are Football Logo Templates? Football logo templates are pre-designed visuals that may be used to create a one-of-a-kind logo for a football team or organisation. These templates often include football-related design elements like as football balls, goalposts, players, and team names. Individuals or organisations wishing to develop a logo for their team can save time and effort by using … Read More

Football Logo Designer

Bespoke Football Badge Design Heavitree United FC The Heavies

What is a Football Logo? An emblem or pattern that represents a football team or organisation is known as a football logo. It is frequently used on merchandise, marketing materials, and team uniforms. Football team names, colours, and images that reflect the team’s character, heritage, or region are frequently used in the logos, which can range greatly in style. The … Read More

Printed Heat Transfers

Direct to Film Transfer Football Badge on Red Shirt

Printing a design on transfer paper and then pressing it using heat and pressure to transfer it to a substrate, like a t-shirt, sports kits, cap, or bag, are examples of printed heat transfers. Plastisol transfers and digital transfers are the two primary forms of these transfers. Plastisol transfers entail printing a design with a PVC-based ink known as plastisol, … Read More

Iron on Transfers for Clothing

iron on transfers on hoodie clothing

Iron on transfers are a popular method of heat transferring designs or images onto fabric. They are a convenient way to add decorative elements to clothing, create custom T-shirts, and personalise clothing.Typically, iron-on transfers comprise of a printed design or image on a special transfer paper or vinyl sheet that can be adhered to fabric using heat and pressure. Here … Read More

What is Embroidery?

Woven Badge with Merrow Border

Embroidery has been around for years. Embroidery is the process of using a needle and thread to decorate fabric is called embroidery. Although there are many different embroidery techniques and styles. The embroidery that we use is free style or “surface embroidery”. With its numerous stitches and independence from the fabric’s weave, this decorative stitching technique enables you to embroider … Read More

Why are Iron on Transfers so Popular?

DTF Transfer Applied to a Football Shirt

You may have been thinking about personalising t-shirts, football shirts, sports club merchandise, sportswear and workwear with iron on logos and don’t know what type of iron on badge is the best option. For many years Your Football Club has specialised in all facets of iron-on badge printing and badge design. This involves manufacturing iron-on badges for many years, whether they … Read More

Iron on Badges and Football Shirt Printing Specialists

Football Kit Names in Arch

The different football shirt printing that we provide is, badge printing, names printing and numbers printing. Badge printing can be produced as iron on embroidered badges or iron on woven badges as well as the cheaper alternative of iron on transfers. To print names and players numbers the only option is to use iron on transfers. The technology of iron-on … Read More