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What is a Football Logo?

An emblem or pattern that represents a football team or organisation is known as a football logo. It is frequently used on merchandise, marketing materials, and team uniforms.

Football team names, colours, and images that reflect the team’s character, heritage, or region are frequently used in the logos, which can range greatly in style. The logos can foster a sense of community and identity among fans and are frequently a source of pride for them.

A finished logo by our football logo designer

Where would I put a Designed Football Logo?

Depending on the situation and purpose, a football logo may be used in a variety of places. Following are some examples of typical uses for football logos:

On the team’s kit:

Football team shirts, shorts, and socks frequently include large logos. The front or side of the shorts, as well as the chest, back, or sleeves of the shirt, may all bear the logo.

On team merchandise:

Football-related emblems can be seen on a variety of products, including hats, scarves, backpacks, and keychains. The product may have the brand etched, printed, or embroidered on it.

Promotional and advertising materials:

Football logos can be used to promote matches, events, or the team itself on marketing materials including banners, flyers, and posters.

On the team’s website and social media: On the team’s website and social media pages, such as the profile picture or cover photo, football logos can be used as a visual element.

On stadium signage:

Football logos may also be put on stadium signs, such as the scoreboard, banners, or the building’s exterior.

In conclusion, a football logo can be used in a variety of contexts and for a variety of purposes, but it is often used to symbolise a team or club, foster fan identity, and inspire pride.

Why do I need a Football Logo?

Having a football clubs logo is advantageous if you’re part of a football team or club for a number of reasons:


Football logos acts as a symbolic representation of your team or club and aids in creating a unique brand identity. Even if they haven’t watched you play yet, it can help people recognise and remember your team.


A football emblem can help your team or club feel proud of its identity. It can symbolise the principles, heritage, and community of your club and foster a mutual respect among players and supporters.


To help promote your team and attract new fans and supporters, a football logos can be used for marketing purposes, such as on merchandise or promotional materials.


A football crest can improve the professional and established appearance of your team or club. It can demonstrate that you take your sport seriously and care about presenting a polished image.


Football crests can aid in the recognition of your team or club. People will remember your name and achievements if they see your logo and associate it with your team.

So we say a football logo can aid in the establishment of a brand identity, the creation of a sense of community, the attraction of new supporters, the demonstration of professionalism, and the enhancement of memorability.

A logo can be a valuable asset if you are a member of a football team or club.

A custom design created by our Football Logo Designer

Where can I get a Football Logo Design?

There are several options for getting a football emblem design:

Hire a graphic designer:

You can use a graphic designer to design a football badge.
Check the designer’s portfolio and reviews before hiring them to make sure they have the necessary skills and experience.

Use a logo maker tool:

You can use a logo maker tool, such as Canva, LogoMakr, or Wix Logo Maker, to create a football logo yourself.

These tools offer a variety of templates, graphics, and customisation options, and are relatively easy to use. People will use these if they have no design skills themselves. The problem is that you are limited to the options and graphics that the particular designing platform offers. If you decide this option is the one you want we recommend our football badge templates. These are pre designed football badges that can be personalised with a club name, the club motto or even year established. We have football badge templates that can be even more customised through choosing from a selection of graphics that can be added to the badge.

Create a DIY logo:

If you have design skills or are willing to learn, you can create a football logo yourself using design software such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. This option requires more time and effort, but gives you full control over the design process. The downside is that you are limited by the persons creative skills.

We recommend though to hire a specialist Football Logo Designer like ourselves. We have designed hundreds of football logos and therefore we can guarantee to design the logo your club wants. Also a football logo designer like ourselves can guarantee to be cheaper. This is because our experience will allow us to get to the desired logo a lot quicker than someone who has no great specialist knowledge of designing football logos.

What is the difference between a Football Logo and a Football Badge?

In general, the terms “football logo” and “football badge” are interchangeable, referring to a symbol or design that represents a football team or club. There are, however, some subtle differences in how the terms are used in various regions and contexts.

In Europe, particularly in the United Kingdom, the term “football badge” refers to the crest or emblem on a team’s shirt or kit. The team’s name or initials, as well as other symbols or elements representing the team’s identity, history, or location, are typically featured on the badge. The badge is frequently regarded as an important part of a team’s identity by fans.

In other countries, particularly the United States, the term “football logo” refers to a team’s overall brand identity, which includes the logo, colours, and typography used on various materials such as merchandise, promotional materials, and digital media.

In conclusion, while the terms “football logo” and “football badge” are similar in that they both refer to a symbol or design that represents a football team or club, there may be some regional and contextual differences in how the terms are used.

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