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The different football shirt printing that we provide is, badge printing, names printing and numbers printing. Badge printing can be produced as iron on embroidered badges or iron on woven badges as well as the cheaper alternative of iron on transfers. To print names and players numbers the only option is to use iron on transfers.

The technology of iron-on transfers and iron on embroidered badges has recently advanced, making it more economical to customise garments, workwear, and sportswear using iron on badges.
It is now much simpler for individuals, football teams, sports teams, hobby clubs, and educational institutions to order iron badges in large quantities and then iron them on themselves.

Iron on badges and football shirt printers Your Football Club have always had a focus on producing iron on badges for clothes and all areas of football shirt printing.

This includes producing iron on badges using iron on transfers, iron on embroidered badges and iron on woven badges for many years.

These iron on badges are a major part of our football shirt printing services but our custom badges can be used for any purpose!

If you are wanting a large number of iron-on badges as a club, business, organisation, or individual to personalise your football shirt, sportswear, workwear, or clothes, then we are the company you need.
This is because we can design the badge or logo for you and then we can produce it as an iron on badge so you can apply them as when you require.

Maybe you’re a rugby club looking for a badge to put on your kits and training wear, maybe you’re a school looking for a set of badges to put on team uniforms like your swim team club or your gym club, or maybe you’re a local business looking for a badge to put on the work clothes of your employees. Because they can be applied with a hot iron or, even better, a heat press, iron on badges are incredibly helpful in these situations.

Bulk badge purchases allow you to utilise and apply them to various goods at various times, saving you money compared to applying them individually.

Therefore, the ability to iron on these iron-on badges, whether they are iron-on transfers or iron-on cloth badges like embroidered badges, allows you the flexibility to customise many different types of apparel whenever you choose.

The same principle goes for football shirt printing. A football club can become their own football shirt printers. With iron on badges, whether it’s the football club logo or badge, football shirt names or numbers we can supply these to you so you can apply them yourselves.

A football logo or badge can be supplied in the form of iron on transfers or even as iron on embroidered badges or woven badges. The choice is entirely down to the football club to choose.

The different football shirt printing that we provide is, badge printing, football shirt names printing and football shirt numbers printing.

Custom Iron on Transfers UK for London City Football Club
Printed Iron on Badge
Football Kit Names in Arch Din Condensed White
Printed Football Shirt Names
Football Kit Names Din Condensed White
Printed Football Shirt Numbers

What are the Different Types of Iron on Badges for Football Badge Printing?

Iron on Transfers

Iron on transfers have the benefit of being more easily made in smaller quantities.

In actuality, iron on transfers can be printed affordably in quantities as low as 10.

Another reason why a football club would choose these is they can duplicate the badge or logo design better than any other sort of badge, which is another factor in its popularity.

Con: They cannot be created in small quantities due to the time and expertise required to produce them. Although they can still be produced profitably with just 25 units, there are significant savings to be had with quantities of at least 50.

Iron on and Sew on Embroidered Badges

When a traditional or vintage-looking emblem is needed, embroidered badges are the best option. People adore the tactile quality of textile badges, especially embroidered ones.

Con: They cannot be created in small quantities due to the time and expertise required to produce them. Although they can still be produced profitably with just 25 units, there are significant savings to be had with quantities of at least 50.

Iron on and Sew on Woven Badges

When accurate colour replication is important, custom woven badges are a preferable option for football shirt logo/badges.

Woven badges can also be used as iron on badges for clothes and iron on name patches for work shirts.

Con: Like embroidered badges, they are not cost-effective to produce in small quantities.

They can be produced affordably in numbers of 25 or more, but 50 or larger quantities offer significant cost savings.

Iron on Transfer

Personalised Iron on Transfers for AFC Bolnore
Iron on Transfer Badge

Iron on Embroidered Badge

Embroidered Badge Bedford Blues Juniors Merrow Border
Iron on Embroidered Badge

Iron on Woven Badge

Woven Hem Label
Iron on Woven Hem Label

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Iron on Badges Stay on?

Once applied, applique is permanently attached to garment and is washable, dryable and dry cleanable.
Iron on badges will survive many washes but it’s a good idea to add a bit of stitching around them for long term use.
They can stand machine washing but obviously hand washing will help them further to stay on.

Why do Iron-on Patches Fall Off?

Because they are covered with a meltable adhesive that clings to anything you put them on, iron-on patches are effective. Usually, they dissolve if the patch hits the adhesive’s melting point.
Avoid using a dryer at a high temperature to dry the clothes. Use the chilly setting or let it air dry to avoid damaging it.

How do you Iron on School Badges?

If your school badge is an embroidered badge here are the instructions on how to apply your school embroidered badges:

If Using an Iron:
To apply the iron on badges you use a hot iron but only for a short time. We would recommend no more than about 30 seconds, then take a look and see if you need to apply the iron for a further 5-10 seconds. Depending on the garment you can also turn the item inside-out for another short iron.

It’s also a good idea to iron the section of the garment first to ensure there aren’t creases in the area where the badge will be applied.

We recommend using parchment paper to be placed on the badge face to avoid any damage to the badge.

It is also best to ensure the garment is washed at 30-40 degree temperature.

If Using an Industrial Heat Press:
For an industrial heat press, the ideal temperature and press time:
0.1-0.4Mpa, 110-140℃, 10-15s > 1.5kgf/cm adhesion

Will Iron-on Badges Stick to Anything?

Iron on patches work best on shirts made from cotton, polyester, or cotton-polyester blends.
Nylon or rayon shirts are not good candidates because the material could scorch during the heated application. Vinyl or leather materials won’t deliver good results either.

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