What is the Difference Between Embroidered Badges and Woven Badges?

Embroidered Badges Iron On & Sew On

There are 3 types of badges that we produce. These are embroidered badges or patches, woven badges or patches. Both of these types can come as sew on or with an iron on backing. The other popular iron on badge is iron on transfers and these can come as different types depending on what surface they are to be applied to.

When comparing woven badges and embroidered badges they do look very similar. Which kind of badge used will typically be determined by the design itself.

Find out which badge is better for your specific needs by reading on.

Embroidered badges are constructed from threads but are stitched to a background. Although embroidered badges can’t be produced with the same level of fine detail, the result is more akin to the original stitched type badges.

It all comes down to your design and preference in the end; both are machine produced and of good quality.

The image displays the same design with the distinction in effect and detail.

The technical distinction between embroidered badges and woven badges is that while embroidered badges are created by stitching bigger threads onto a piece of fabric, woven badges are created by weaving together small threads.

The effect is that the stitching is raised because embroidered threads are thicker and are stitched into a piece of fabric.

Below is the detail of an embroidered badge showing the raised stitching and traditional feel only possible with embroidery.

Example of an Embroidered Badge

Embroidered Badge Bedford Blues Juniors Merrow Border
Embroidery Badges

By contrast the surface of woven badges is incredibly flat and smooth due to the fact that they are created by weaving together threads as opposed to attaching them to a fabric.

Additionally, compared to embroidery, it is feasible to attain much better detail with woven badges due to the finer threads themselves.

The below image shows the detail of a woven badge showing the flat smooth surface and excellent replication of detail – this being like this because of the fine woven threads.

Example of a Woven Badge

Woven Badge with Merrow Border
Woven Badges

Woven threads can match pantone colours whereas with embroidery their threads cannot be pantone colour matched. So in conclusion woven is a better choice for corporate logos or badges where exact colour replication is critical.

Embroidery badges and woven badges come with different types of backing available. Whether it is a simple sew on badge you are after or your customer needs one with an iron-on adhesive or a velcro we can supply either badge with these backings.

Embroidery badges and woven badges can both come with a merrow edge or a heat cut edge.

Embroidered Badge Close Up Merrow Overlocked Border
Embroidered Badge Showing a Merrow Badge
Embroidered Badge Close Up Heat Cut Edge
Embroidered Badge Showing a Heat Cut Edge

Conclusion About the Difference Between Embroidered Badges and Woven Badges

A woven badge can be made considerably smaller, even down to 1 inch, without losing quality because of the fabric and manufacturing method.

Woven badges don’t seem bulky whether worn inside or outside of garments, unlike embroidered patches. The woven badge is more flexible and thinner because of their threads increasing the badges versatility.

However when thinking about a cloth badge people will know embroidery badges more. Embroidery badges give a more classic look and for that reason most football clubs still have embroidered badges.

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