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Your Football Club are a supplier of embroidered badges and patches aswell as woven badges. We originally helped grassroots football clubs and sports clubs, with designing football logos and badges and then for other sports clubs. We now specialise in supplying bulk orders of custom embroidered badges, embroidered patches and woven badges for different applications, many for UK business workwear. Embroidered football badges are still what we specialise in, but a badge is a badge, so we supply custom embroidered badges for any purpose, any size and from small quantities of 25.

Many businesses have realised the cost effectiveness of buying in a set of iron on embroidered badges, produced with their company logo on for their workwear.

The advantage is by buying them in one go they get great savings rather than ordering a few shirts at a time with their embroidered logo on. By having custom embroidered badges with an iron on backing has meant they can apply them to garments themselves whenever they need to.

We have found this is of particular benefit to smaller businesses. Because a company's logo design doesn't often change, buying in an order of 50 embroidered logos, keeping them in stock and using them as and when required, makes complete sense.

We pride ourselves on our fantastic quality embroidered patches & woven badges all supplied at unbeatable prices!

the front side of an embroidered patch
Merrow (overlocked) border & sew on embroidered badge
the rear of a sew on custom embroidered patch
Showing back of sew on embroidered badge
the front of an iron on custom embroidered patch
Heat cut edge & iron on embroidered badge
the rear of an iron on custom embroidered patch
Showing back of iron on embroidered badge

Our extensive knowledge and experienced teams of designers make sure your artwork is always correct and top quality. It is vitally important that your artwork is the very best it can be.

We always go that extra mile to make sure we can hit your delivery deadlines and provide a super fast delivery.

We know customers want a quick, easy and cost effective system starting from quotes to making the order. This is why we have developed some set prices that can be ordered directly on our website. It provides sew on embroidered badges and iron on embroidered badges in various sizes and quantities to buy from.

Order & Buy your embroidered badges & patches online

Good Communication

We believe clear, upfront information about the order process is vital. So when you have placed your order for your custom embroidered badges or woven badges, you will know exactly what happens next.

We will give you a visual proof with a full explanation of what colours are going where and an idea of how lettering will show on your final embroidered badge. Nothing will be done until we have your feedback or approval of this.

Furthermore, once your embroidered or woven badge order is ready for dispatch, you will receive an email with your delivery tracking details so you know exactly when your order is due to be delivered.

If we have designed your football badge and created it as a hi res jpeg file, then we will create embroidered football badges from this file. If you have your own badge design already created, simply email it with your order to us.

Custom Embroidered Badges

Embroidered Badge The Vespa Club of Britain Heat Cut Edge Front
Heat cut edge embroidered badge
Embroidered Badge Bedford Blues Juniors Merrow Border
Merrow (overlocked) border embroidered badge

Embroidered patches and badges can be further customised with an option of the type of edging to have on your badge. The edging is quite subtle but can make a diffrence to the overall appearance.
The first embroidered patch above has a heat cut edge. A heat cut edge is a smoother often thinner and flatter edging. A heat cut edge gives a more minimalistic and contemporary look to the patch.
The embroidered patch above on the right has a merrow edge or this may be referred to as an overlocked edge. A merrow edge is a thicker edge and is often quite a bit raised compared to the rest off the embroidered patch.

We have our own in house graphic design team so we can design any type of badge. There are also free graphic design tools and platforms allowing people to design their own badge or patch.

This has led to an explosion of people wanting and being able to create custom badges. Custom embroidered badges have never gone out of fashion, the quality and aesthetic advantages of an embroidered badge means it's always a popular choice for a custom badge.

We produce cloth custom embroidered badges that are made to order.

So they can be totally bespoke, can be produced any size and shape and are produced to the highest quality. Custom embroidered badges are very durable and fully washable.
Our cloth embroidered badges use strong, vibrant colours that last the test of time.

Sizes of Embroidered Badges

Suggested sizes of badges to go on the left chest area of a shirt are: 70mm, 76mm, 80mm, 85mm and 90mm. The standard size badge for football shirts is 80mm.

Suggested sizes of badges to go on shirt sleeves can vary but generally range from 50mm, 70mm and 80mm. Premier league badges for football shirt sleeves are 80mm size.

Maximum Size

The maximum limit of the badge size is determined by embroidery machines used - we would not provide embroidered badges larger than 120mm.
Do call us if you want anything bigger and we'll discuss how best to achieve that.

Minimum Size

We advise for embroidered badges not to go smaller than 50mm because the detail on them will not show well any smaller.

Shapes of embroidered badges

There is no real limit on what shape you want your badge to be.

What is the minimum order quantity of embroidered badges?

We can produce them from a quantity of 25 embroidered badges and patches upwards to hundreds. The optimum starting quantity though is 50.

Order & Buy your embroidered badges & patches online

Iron On Embroidered Badges

Our embroidered badges, embroidered patches and woven badges can come as sew on, or the same badge can have an iron on backing.

The ability to iron the badges onto garments gives total flexibility on how the badges can be used and means anyone can actually apply them.

Our application instructions for iron on embroidered badges:

Using an Iron:
To apply the iron on badges you use a hot iron but only for a short time. We would recommend no more than about 20 seconds, then take a look and see if you need to apply the iron for a further 5-10 seconds. Depending on the garment you can also turn the item inside-out for another short iron.

It’s also a good idea to iron the section of the garment first to ensure there aren’t creases in the area where the badge will be applied.

Really it is a matter of ironing very briefly and just checking if the adhesion is okay, since the heat of the iron and the garment will affect the exact amount of time it takes.

We recommend using parchment paper to be placed on the badge face to avoid any damage to the badge.

It is also best to ensure the garment is washed at 30-40 degree temperature.

Using an Industrial Heat Press:
If using a heat press that uses pressure, the temperature should be about 150℃, and it needs to be applied for about 15 seconds. If your machine does not use pressure, the temperature should be appropriately increased to 170℃, and the time should be appropriately extended to more than 20 seconds.

Recommended fabrics:
Cotton and polyester are best.

Order & Buy your embroidered badges & patches online

Types of Custom Embroidered Patches
Embroidered Badges Iron On & Sew On
Sew on or iron on School embroidered patches

We supply to schools, academies, colleges and universities.

Embroidery houses can attach our embroidered patches via an applique method or heat-seal, saving time and money. Pupils can also hand sew badges on allowing them to source different uniform suppliers.

Sew on swimming embroidered patches

Swimming badges can be sewn onto swimwear or even swim towels.
We supply to many swimming clubs and schools and these badges can easily be repeated for future achievements.

Martial arts & Boxing clubs sew on embroidered patches

As well as designing many custom martial arts clubs badges to go on the training kits and clothing we also produce their badges.

Football club Embroidered badges

We have been designing and producing football clubs embroidered patches for many years. Many football clubs have multiple teams so they order their embroidered patches in bulk for the convenience of having them and saving money.

Rugby Clubs Embroidered badges

As with football clubs, rugby clubs have their own custom designed badges which go onto kits and training wear. They can be sew on or iron on, many clubs have their heat press to apply them.

Scouts & Girl Guides Embroidered badges

We can supply embroidered patches to cubs, scouts and girl guides clubs. Embroidered patches are often given out as marks of achievements. Embroidered patches give a sense of quality and will go onto various items and can be sew on or iron on.

Business workwear clothing embroidered badges

We produce companies logos as embroidered badges that mainly go onto workwear clothing. The flexibility of iron on embroidered badges means that can be applied to many things.

Order & Buy your embroidered badges & patches online

What is is the cost of embroidered badges & patches?

The cost of embroidered patches & badges depends on various factors.

If an embroidered patch is based on a background coloured patch that doesn't need embroidering this will save on the overall cost of the embroidery.

We base our very best cost of embroidered badges on this assumption.

Size of the badge

The size of the embroidered patch and badge affects the cost directly, the larger the badge the more costly the badge will be.

What edge does the embroidered badge have?

There are 2 types of edging that an embroidered badge can have.
The cheapest type of edging is called a merrow edge or overlocked edge. A merrow edge is a raised dome shape that runs around the circumference of the badge.
A merrow edge can be made of any coloured thread.

The other type of edging on an embroidered badge is a heat cut border. A heat cut border is a flat shape and costs slightly more, just a few pence per badge.

Embroidered Badge Merrow Overlocked Border
Merrow (overlocked) border embroidered badge
Embroidered Badge Heat Cut Edge
Heat cut edge embroidered badge
Backing of Embroidered patches

An embroidered patch can be supplied with a plain backing which can be sewed onto a garment. It can also be supplied with an iron on/heat press backing, this backing costs a few pence more.

Sew on embroidered badge backing
Embroidered Badge North East Football Festival Heat Cut Edge
Iron on embroidered badge backing
Order & Buy your embroidered badges & patches online

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