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Custom Embroidered Badges for Football Clubs

Our embroidered football badges are just one type of the custom embroidered badges that we produce.

We design custom embroidered badges or we can produce them from artwork supplied by you.

We can produce custom embroidered badges for any use and not just for football clubs.

The growth of personalisation in recent years has led to a requirement for custom embroidered badges for many uses on clothing, workwear and school uniforms.

We currently produce football embroidered badges at 80mm in width or diameter, or as 50mm in width or diameter, but we can produce them at any size.

Embroidered Badge for Bedford Blues Juniors with Merrow Border

Embroidered Badge Options

Sew On or Iron On Embroidered Badges

We can produce your custom embroidered badges as a sew on badge where you can sew onto your football kit, clothing, workwear or leisurewear. The other option is to have the same embroidered badge with an iron backing so you can conveniently iron the badges to your shirts or garments yourself.

Embroidered badges that are iron on are exactly the same quality as embroidered badges created for sewing onto clothing. The only difference is that they come with an iron on backing applied to them.

Showing back of sew on embroidered badge
Back of sew on embroidered badge
Showing back of iron on embroidered badge
Back of iron on embroidered badge

We know our customers want a simple pricing system and a quick quote and supply service. This is why we have a set of prices on our custom embroidery badges buying page here so people can order directly without waiting for a quote to come back and then arrange payment.

Sometimes there's a need to see your artwork first and then give a quote, but we think our pricing system will cover a majority of requests.

We are fairly unique because we can provide embroidered badges from a low minimum quantity of 10 up to hundreds so whatever you need we are confident we can do for you.

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The Difference Between a Merrow (Overlocked) Border and a Heat Cut Edge

An embroidered badge has a border/edge to stop the badge from fraying and give it a professional finish.

A merrow border is a heavier type of a border which stitches up the edge of an embroidered badge or patch. It is visibly thicker when comparing to a heat cut border. You will find merrow borders, also known as edges, on shapes like ovals, circles and squares. The merrow border is added to the embroidered badge and patch after they have been produced.

A heat cut edge is a more simple and generally thinner and flatter border than a merrow one. It gets its name because this border is removed using a laser or hot knife which seals the circumference of the badge and therefore stops any fraying.

Merrow (overlocked) border & sew on embroidered badge
Heat cut edge & iron on embroidered badge
The Differences Are:



Merrow borders or edges have larger, rounded edges

Heat cut borders are edges that are thinner and flat on the embroidered badge or patch, they do not wrap around

Merrow borders are better for simplified simple shapes like circles and squares

Heat cut borders can cope with jagged edges in the embroidered badge shape

Merrow borders are machine sew edges

Heat cut borders are precision cut by lasers

So there is a limitation on the shapes a merrow border can be used on, but there are no limitations for the heat cut border.

You can read more about the differences between a merrow border and a heat cut edge, in the article we wrote.

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Our Application Instructions for Iron On Embroidered Badges

Using an Iron:
To apply the iron on badges you use a hot iron but only for a short time. We would recommend no more than about 20 seconds, then take a look and see if you need to apply the iron for a further 5-10 seconds. Depending on the garment you can also turn the item inside-out for another short iron.

It’s also a good idea to iron the section of the garment first to ensure there aren’t creases in the area where the badge will be applied.

Really it is a matter of ironing very briefly and just checking if the adhesion is okay, since the heat of the iron and the garment will affect the exact amount of time it takes.

We recommend using parchment paper to be placed on the badge face to avoid any damage to the badge.

It is also best to ensure the garment is washed at 30-40 degree temperature.

Using an Industrial Heat Press:
If using a heat press that uses pressure, the temperature should be about 150℃, and it needs to be applied for about 15 seconds. If your machine does not use pressure, the temperature should be appropriately increased to 170℃, and the time should be appropriately extended to more than 20 seconds.

Recommended fabrics:
Cotton and polyester are best.

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