What is the Difference Between a Merrow Border and Heat Cut Border in Embroidery?

Embroidered Badge Merrow Overlocked Border & Heat Cut Border

This can be confusing, firstly because a merrow border may be referred to as an overlocked border and borders may be referred as edging.

We will try to tell you simply and easy what the difference is between these borders also know as edges.

So let’s start and explain why an embroidered badge has a border or edge.

Quite simply it’s there to stop the badge from fraying. A border gives a professional finish to any badge. We explain the difference between the merrow border and heat cut border below.

A merrow border is a heavier type of a border which stitches up the edge of an embroidered badge or patch, it is visibly thicker when comparing to a heat cut border. You will find merrow borders, also known as edges, on shapes like ovals, circles and squares.

The merrow border is added to the embroidered badge and patch after they have been produced.
A heat cut border is a more simple and generally thinner and flatter border that a merrow one.
It gets its name because this border is removed using a hot knife which seals the circumference of the badge so by stopping any fraying.

The differences are:

  1. Merrow borders or edges have larger, rounded edges.
  2. Heat cut borders are edges that are thinner and flat on the embroidered badge or patch, they do not wrap around.
  3. Merrow borders are better for simplified simple shapes like circles and squares.
  4. Heat cut borders can cope with jagged edges in the embroidered badge shape.
  5. Merrow borders are machine sew edges.
  6. Heat cut borders are precision cut by lasers.

So there is a limitation on the shapes a merrow border can be used on, but there are no limitation for the heat cut border.

Traditionally people think of an edge of embroidery to be a merrow border and so these edges are still more popular. But as more and more customisation has been required for embroidery and shapes have got more complex, the need for heat cut borders has grown.

Embroidered Badge Scarborough Light Parade Merrow Border Front
Merrow Border Embroidered Badge
Embroidered Badge Motor Racing Club of Ireland Heat Cut Edge
Heat Cut Border Embroidered Badge

What Quality Differences Exist Between a Merrow Border and Heat Cut Border in Embroidery?

Merrow edge borders, because they are thicker, look that they would be more durable compared to heat cut border egding. This is partly because heat cut borders look non existent and so to the viewer, it may look like nothing is holding the edge border from falling apart and fraying.
This may in turn make viewers assume the merrow edge is a dearer option. However the opposite is true in that heat cut borders cost slightly more than merrow borders, but only a few pence each.

So Why Would You Use Heat Cut Borders over Merrow Borders?

  1. Heat cut borders look good on modern, minimalistic and contemporary style badges.
  2. Heat cut borders look slicker than merrow edges.
  3. Heat cut borders work on any sized badge.
  4. Complex shaped embroidered badges and patches are not suitable for merrow border edges.

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