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We offer a wide range of iron on transfers suitable for garments & other textiles

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Having started out supplying custom iron on transfers for use as iron on football badges, we have expanded into supplying custom iron on transfers for any application.

Because we have our own graphic designer, we can create custom designs for iron on transfers in house very quickly.

When we refer to iron on transfers, we are referring to heat transfers that require an iron or a heat press to apply.

We can supply our iron on transfers or heat transfers for clients to use using an iron or heat press.

Iron on transfers are a great way for customising garments for your football team, your sports club, your social club, even for your school.

There is no limit in size, shape and quantity. We can design you something or you can supply artwork to use.

We can also produce custom iron on letters and numbers for uses like school leavers or football club kits.

We also produce other iron on badges including :

Embroidered badges and Woven badges.

 iron on transfers sample 1
Great quality & detailed Iron on football badges
(original logo on left - transfer on right)
 Iron on Transfers as a football badge
Any shape, any design!
Iron on Transfer sample 2
Colours true to original file
Iron on Transfer Football Badges
Cost effective

Our range of custom iron on transfers

Digital Transfers Image

Digital Transfers

These are digitally printed and cut transfers which is a low cost option for short runs of full colour printing.
These are the type we use for football badges and they are useful because they can be printed onto white or onto coloured textiles.
They are print and cut vinyl transfers that are 100% opaque. They are so useful because they can be applied using an iron or a heatpress. When someone refers to an iron on transfer in the uk they would normally be referring to these.

Digital Screen Transfers DST Image

DST Transfers (Digital Screen Transfers)

Digital screen transfers are a recent development in transfer technology.
They are suitable short run printing of full colour transfers that are vibrant, soft and highly durable.
These are ideal for personalising and are often used as brand logos where colour matching is a must.

Plastisol Transfers Image

Plastisol Transfers

These are standard cold peel plastisol transfers. They can be screen printed in up to 4 colours giving clarity, vibrancy and durability in an easy to apply transfer.
These can be used for low and high print runs. These custom iron on transfers are often used on t-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, hoodies and caps.

Hot Split Transfers Image

Hot Split Transfers

Hot split transfers are screen printed transfers that can be printed with up to 6 colours.
They are used where customers want a vibrant printed colour as well as a soft feel to the transfer and able to go onto everyday wear.
Hot split transfers are ideal as custom iron on transfers for designs that require a vintage look or a 'distressed' style, but they can equally be used when wanting a bright cartoon style look.


Sublimation Transfers

Sublimation transfers are cost effective for printing full colour and onto 100% polyester shirts. The print is most effective on white coloured garments and adds no extra weight or texture to the material once transferred.
Sublimation transfers are also used for customising mugs, bags, mouse mats and other promotional gift items designed to accept a sublimation print.

We also produce Waterslide transfers

Waterslide transfers are not heat transfers because they are applied wet and allowed to dry once positioned.
They are often used as custom iron on transfers to give a classic look and for this reason are used on vintage toys and models.

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Why use Custom Iron on Transfers?

We have developed our range of custom iron on transfers because they are so flexible to use. Iron on transfers can be ordered and then kept in stock and used as and when required. This is advantageous because it reduces the need for upfront payment for garments, so helps a businesses cash flow.

Personalised iron on transfers are the ideal method for decorating garments where traditional screen printing of repeat small orders would prove costly.

Textile transfers have developed over the years as a cost effective, durable, high quality and versatile method of decorating a wide range of garments and accessories.

There has been a growing trend for people wanting customised items like t-shirts, football shirts, bags, umbrellas, all of which are perfect for our range of custom iron on transfers. We have 3 different sizes of iron on transfers to buy online

Our range of iron on transfers can be applied to nearly all fabrics.

We can design your artwork for iron on transfers or use your artwork.

Additionally we can supply a range of clothing which we can apply the transfers to. Our range of clothing includes polo shirts, T shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and caps.

Iron on Transfers Application Instructions

Your transfers will be supplied to you on intermediate backing known as application tape ready for you to heat press. This is so that the design is the correct way round when transferred, making it so much easier to apply.

Application Instructions
1. Peel off clear backing.
2. Place the transfers on the garment right side up.
3. Temperature required 130 degrees C.
4. Apply with medium pressure for 5-10 seconds.

Artwork for our Transfers

You may not be sure which iron on transfer type is best for the design/artwork that you have.
Your design/artwork may be suitable for one type of heat transfer but not for another. For example, full colour photographic images are normally best suited for Dye-Sublimation, Digital Print and Cut or Digital Screen Transfers.

Designs with a limited number of colours might be more suited to Cold Peel Plastisol or Hot Split transfers.

If you are unsure, you can upload your artwork or image to us using the upload form on this page and we can advise on the most suitable type of transfer.

The more information you can provide us, the more advice we can give. Other helpful information would be the quantity you are looking for, the size of the transfer and the material to which they will be applied.

We can then get back to you with the options that are best and give you a quote.

Upload Your Artwork

Transfers Artwork Guidelines

Vector or Raster Artwork
Raster images (also often referred to as bitmaps) are ones which store the information for each pixel (or dot) individually.

This is great for full-colour photographic images and so if you are looking at a Dye-Sublimation, DST or Digital Print and Cut transfer, then a raster image - such as a Jpeg or TIFF image will be fine.
The higher the resolution the better, however, and so we would normally require the image to be 300dpi or higher than the actual print size.

Vector images, on the other hand, contain information about the various shapes - e.g. squares, circles, curves - that make up the image.

This is the best format for transfers that require a limited number of discrete colours such as Hot Split and Cold Peel Plastisol, although high-resolution Photoshop (or similar) files with the colours on separate layers or channels may well work fine.

Examples of vector file formats include .ai (Adobe Illustrator)
and .svg (Scalable Vector Graphics).

Vector images tend to be less detailed and photo-like compared to raster types but retains it's sharpness no matter how closely you zoom in.

This makes vector images perfect for transfers that are screen printed as it gives sharp edges and fine detail.

Sheet Layout
For DST, Plastisol and Hot Split transfers we print by the sheet. If you wish you can provide individual designs and we will create the sheet layout for you. We will fit as many on to a sheet as possible, while still allowing a reasonable gap between the designs, to aid cutting of the individual transfers.

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