Sports Badges

Sports badges are logo’s or insignia connected to a team or sports organisation. Within athletics, it frequently functions as a means of identity, acknowledgment, or accomplishment. Sports badges can be digital icons used in internet platforms or worn on jersey’s as embroidered badges or iron on transfers.

Types of Sports Club Badges

Club Emblems

In the UK there are so many clubs that use badges but the most common is sports clubs. The sports club types can range from ballet clubs, cricket clubs, hockey, basketball, and the most common being football clubs. These types of badges are what we specialise in such as embroidered badges or iron on transfers.

League Badges

League badges are emblems of associations or sports leagues, such FIFA, NFL, or NBA.

Badges of Achievement

Medals and Awards

Athletes receive actual medals or badges for their accomplishments; examples are the Olympic gold, silver, and bronze medals.
Merit badges are recognitions bestowed for particular accomplishments or benchmarks, such as reaching a marathon or earning a set amount of goals.

Achievement Awards

Event awards

Medals given to competitors in athletic events include marathons, competitions, and tournaments.
Club or sports team membership badges.

Interactive Badges

Virtual badges given for finishing tasks, taking part in events, or reaching particular benchmarks in sports apps or platforms.

Sports Badge Design Elements


Custom shapes according to the sport (such as a football shape for a football badge) as well as shields, circles, stars are common shapes.


Pictures or symbols that stand in for a particular sport (a tennis badge might be a racquet, for example).


Team, event, or accomplishment names; dates; and mottoes.


Usually reflecting the branding of the team or event, particular colour schemes are used to improve identification.
Sports badges come in metal, plastic, fabric, or digital graphic forms.

Sports Club Badge Uses


Show the teams’ or athletes’ allegiance; frequently seen on official uniforms and equipment.
Acknowledgement and celebration of accomplishments, such championships or milestones reached.


Boost sports teams’, leagues’, and events’ brand identification and exposure.


By offering real or virtual prizes for achievements, promote involvement and effort.

Sports badges are, in short, an essential part of the visual and symbolic culture of sports, important for motivation, identity, and acknowledgment inside the sports community.

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