The different types of Football Shirt badge printing

Iron on transfer type football badge

If you have a set of football kits or are just about to order your football kits you are left with the question, how do I get my football shirts printed.

The answer is that you have a few options.

Direct Heat applied transfers/ football iron on transfers

The first option for your football shirt printing is that you can have your badge design directly heat applied to your football kit.

We specialise in full colour transfer printing like this that allows for all colours and shading to be printed and can be very cost effective. This type of shirt badge printing can be single colour vinyl or professional inkjet printed full colour designs.

If you are in the process of buying a set of football kits your supplier may offer this type of shirt badge printing.

Individual Iron on heat applied transfer badges

If you already have a set of football kits then we can either print directly onto your kits as described above or a much simpler and flexible choice is for us to print iron on full colour transfer badges and post these to you. This is so much more flexible because you can also use these to personalise other items like your teams training kits or leisure wear like polo shirts.

Printed sponsor logos

Like the football club badge we can promote a sponsors business with a printed sponsors logo. Sponsors logos are larger than football badges and are generally applied on the front of the football shirt below the football badge.

Again the heat applied sponsors logo can be printed directly to the football kit or can be supplied to you as football iron on transfers.

Embroidered badges directly sewn onto shirts

Embroidered badges are the traditional way of creating football and sports badges. Embroidered badges are made up of stitches, the colour produced in the badge is through coloured stitches. Many suppliers of embroidered badges will charge by how many stitches make up the badge and how many colours of stitches are required.

We are different, because we specialise in quality short run embroidery we give one price for all so we don’t take into account the number of stitches or the number of colours.

There are certain limitations with embroidered badges. One is that small details cannot be reproduced always ( although our embroidery is so good we can include details other embroiderers cannot). The other limitation is that because colours are reproduced through stitches they can only be solid colours and cannot show shading, tints or gradients.

Sew on embroidered badges

We produce sew on embroidered badges which are the same quality as sewing directly onto a shirt but is encapsulated as a sew on badge or patch with what is known as a marrow edge.
The minimum quantity for these are 6.

Iron on embroidered badges ( also known as patches)

Iron on embroidered badges or iron on embroidered patches are exactly the same badge as the sew on versions. The only difference is that it has an iron on backing to allow the badges to be ironed onto shirts. These badges can be ordered and then used on football kits, training wear and leisure wear like polo shirts.

Newbury YMCA Football club iron on transfer
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