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Custom Iron on Transfers UK for London City Football Club

With the recent advancement in the process of iron on transfers and embroidered badges has made it more affordable to personalise sportswear, workwear and clothing. With the option of ironing on badges has made it a lot easier for individuals, football clubs, sports clubs, hobby clubs and schools to have their badges produced in bulk and then they apply them themselves.

Custom iron on transfers and custom embroidered badges experts Your Football Club have been specialising in all aspects of badge design and iron on badges production for many years. This includes custom badge designs and producing iron on badges whether they are iron on transfer badges, iron on embroidered badges or iron on woven badges for many years. Iron on transfers do get called different names. Two alternative names are iron on decals, iron on stickers and iron on stickers for cloths. In essence these are correct but they just do not refer to actual material that they get produced on which is iron on transfers.

As a club, company, organisation or an individual you may require a bulk amount of badges to customise your sportswear, football kit, workwear or clothing and want a company to design or produce an iron on badge to do this.

Maybe you are a rugby club wanting a badge to go on your kits and other sportswear, maybe you are school and want a set of badges to go on teamwear like for your swimming team club, your gym club or maybe you are a local company that wants a badge to customise your employees workwear with. Iron on badges are so useful in these instances because they can be applied by using a hot iron or better still a heat press.

Having a set of badges in bulk enables the badges to be used and put on different items at different times so will save money compared having them applied separately.

So with these iron on badges whether they are iron on transfers type of badges or iron on cloth badges like embroidered badges being able to iron them on gives you the flexibility of customising many types of garments when you want, this is why custom iron on transfers uk are so popular.

The advantage of iron on transfers is that they can be produced in a lower quantity. In fact iron on transfers can be printed economically from a quantity of just 10. So for this reason alone you can see why iron on transfers are so popular.

The other reason however why they are so popular is they can replicate the design better than any other badge type. The best type of iron on transfers for this is known as digitally printed and cut transfers. This also means they can be cut to any shape that is possible.

Iron on Transfer for Company Logo Personalised Workwear
Custom Iron on Transfer for Workwear

Custom Embroidered Badges

We are experts at designing and producing custom embroidered badges.

Our trained graphic designers can design any type of badge required. Whether is a design for fun for a t-shirt or a company logo to go on workwear our experienced graph designers can design the custom badge design you want.

Our custom embroidered badges can be supplied with a standard backing so the badge can be sewn on or they can come with a special adhesive backing that allows the embroidery to be ironed on to clothes whether its football kits or a company’s polo shirts. If used on workwear our custom embroidered badges are used as a way of advertising a business. Not only this but it creates a Brand image that can only be positive for that business.

Customised embroidered badges can have any amount of coloured stitches but most embroidered badges use up to around 9 different coloured stitches.

Because embroidered badges are made up of stitching they have to have a border that encapsulates the design. There are 2 types of edges available on an embroidered badge.

The first type is a merrow edge or this may be referred to as an overlocked edge. A merrow edge is a thicker edge and is often quite a bit raised compared to the rest of the embroidered patch.

The type of edge or border is a heat cut edge which is a smoother often thinner and flatter edging. A heat cut edge gives a more minimalistic and contemporary look to the patch.

Customised embroidered badges are often chosen when a classic or vintage style of badge is required. People love the feel of a cloth badge like an embroidered badge.

The downside is because of the time and skill taken to produce them they cannot be produced in low quantities. However they can be economically produced from a quantity of 25, however savings are made a lot when having a quantity of 50 plus.

Embroidered Badge North East Football Festival Heat Cut Edge
Custom Embroidered Badge with Heat Cut Edge

Custom Woven Badges

We are the experts in designing and producing Custom woven badges. Embroidered badges and woven badges do look similar but there are some fundamental differences.

If you have colours in your badge design that need to colour match then woven badges are a better option than embroidered badges. It is feasible to attain much better detail with woven badges due to the finer threads used.

Woven threads can match pantone colours whereas with embroidery their threads cannot be pantone colour matched. So in conclusion woven is a better choice for corporate logos or badges where exact colour replication is critical.

So custom woven badges are a better choice for creating corporate logos or badges where exact colour replication is critical.

Similarly to embroidered badges the downside of woven badges is because of the running time of producing them they are not economical for low quantities.

They can be economically produced from a quantity of 25, but savings are made a lot when having quantities of 50 and more.

Woven Badge with Merrow Border
Custom Woven Badge

If you want to design and produce a custom iron on transfer or embroidered or woven badge in the easiest way possible then please contact us today for a quote. Our in-house designers will design them and then we can produce them.

To make your enquiry either call us on 07881 754 424 or email us at

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