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Any shape, any design. Colours true to original file. Great quality and cost effective.
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Any Shape, Any Design! Best Quality Iron On Badges. Cheapest Price! Lasts For Years!

There are no limitations with our iron on badges when it comes to colour and design. Unlike an embroidered badge, the design of the iron on football badges doesn't have to be simplified at all, which means if your iron on badges has 3D shading, then it will be printed with 3D shading and not a simple block of colour.

Your iron on football badges will look exactly as you intended your club badge to be!

Reasons to buy iron on football badges:

  • Great quality & detailed iron on football badges.
  • Any shape, any design!
  • Colours true to original file.
  • Cost effective.
Embroidered Badge for Bedford Blues Juniors with Merrow Border

Have your own Club Badge as Iron on Football Badges

New Improved Industrial Strength Vinyl Iron On Badges

These are superior quality, compared to the average iron on transfer you may have in mind and will not disintegrate over time, unlike sub standard t-shirt transfers.

We can create iron on badges for any purpose, our service is not restricted to just football badges.

These are referred to as iron on but we recommend a heat press, rather than an iron, as you can control the time temperature & pressure better.

Our Digital Print and Cut Transfer means we can create iron on vinyl badges for any purpose. We print directly onto printable vinyl or nylon, the shape of the transfer is cut out and we then apply the transfer to application tape ready for you to iron on or heat press.

Ideal for brand logos, promotional wear or anything that requires vibrant, full colour with plenty of visual impact.

Digital Print and Cut Transfers are digitally printed on to printable Vinyl or Nylon (depending on the material you are transferring to) and cut round. We then apply these transfers to an intermediate backing known as application tape ready for you to heat press. This is so that the design is the correct way round when transferred.

Not all designs are suitable for this type of print, however, so make sure you check your design with us for suitability, email us at

Showing back of sew on embroidered badge
Back of sew on embroidered badge
Showing back of iron on embroidered badge
Back of iron on embroidered badge
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An embroidered badge has a border/edge to stop the badge from fraying and give it a professional finish.

A merrow border is a heavier type of a border which stitches up the edge of an embroidered badge or patch. It is visibly thicker when comparing to a heat cut border. You will find merrow borders, also known as edges, on shapes like ovals, circles and squares. The merrow border is added to the embroidered badge and patch after they have been produced.

A heat cut edge is a more simple and generally thinner and flatter border than a merrow one. It gets its name because this border is removed using a laser or hot knife which seals the circumference of the badge and therefore stops any fraying.

Merrow (overlocked) border & sew on embroidered badge
Heat cut edge & iron on embroidered badge
The Differences Are:



Merrow borders or edges have larger, rounded edges

Heat cut borders are edges that are thinner and flat on the embroidered badge or patch, they do not wrap around

Merrow borders are better for simplified simple shapes like circles and squares

Heat cut borders can cope with jagged edges in the embroidered badge shape

Merrow borders are machine sew edges

Heat cut borders are precision cut by lasers

So there is a limitation on the shapes a merrow border can be used on, but there are no limitations for the heat cut border.

You can read more about the differences between a merrow border and a heat cut edge, in the article we wrote.

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Our Application Instructions for Iron On Embroidered Badges

Using an Iron:
To apply the iron on badges you use a hot iron but only for a short time. We would recommend no more than about 30 seconds, then take a look and see if you need to apply the iron for a further 5-10 seconds. Depending on the garment you can also turn the item inside-out for another short iron.

It’s also a good idea to iron the section of the garment first to ensure there aren’t creases in the area where the badge will be applied.

We recommend using parchment paper to be placed on the badge face to avoid any damage to the badge.

It is also best to ensure the garment is washed at 30-40 degree temperature.

Using an Industrial Heat Press:
For an industrial heat press, the ideal temperature and press time:
0.1-0.4Mpa, 110-140℃, 10-15s > 1.5kgf/cm adhesion

Recommended fabrics:
Cotton and polyester are best.

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