Why are Iron on Transfers so Popular?

DTF Transfer Applied to a Football Shirt

You may have been thinking about personalising t-shirts, football shirts, sports club merchandise, sportswear and workwear with iron on logos and don’t know what type of iron on badge is the best option.

For many years Your Football Club has specialised in all facets of iron-on badge printing and badge design. This involves manufacturing iron-on badges for many years, whether they be iron-on transfer, iron-on embroidered, or iron-on woven badges.

If you are looking for a large number of iron-on badges as a club, business, organisation, or individual to personalise your sportswear, workwear, or clothes, and you want a company to design or make them for you we can help do that for you.

Maybe you’re a rugby club looking for a badge to put on your kits and other training wear. Maybe you’re a school looking for a set of badges to put on team uniforms like your swim team club or your gym club. Or maybe you’re a local business looking for your logo to put on the work clothes of your employees.

Because they can be applied with a hot iron or a heat press, iron on badges are incredibly helpful in these situations.

Flexibility to Customise Clothing

So, the ability to iron on these iron-on badges, whether they are iron-on transfers or iron-on cloth badges like embroidered badges, allows you the flexibility to customise many different types of sportswear and clothing whenever you choose.

Iron on transfers have the benefit of being more easily made in smaller quantities. In reality iron on transfers can be printed affordably from a quantity of just 10. So, it is clear why iron on transfers are so popular.

Yet another factor that makes them so well-liked is that no other kind of badge can duplicate the design as well. Digitally produced and cut transfers are the ideal kind of iron on vinyl transfer badges for this. They can also be shaped in any way so the badge has no limitations.

Iron on Transfers UK Example
Iron on Transfers UK Example

What are the Different Types of Transfer Badges?

Iron on transfers themselves are available as different types.

Digital print transfers are the most common sort of iron-on transfer badges for clubs. Digital transfers are vinyl badges with full-colour prints. The digital transfer badge may be swiftly and easily pressed into clothing using a hot iron, or even better, a heat press, thanks to its iron-on backing. Clubs like them because they are inexpensive to purchase and simple to operate.

Other types, such as DST transfers, are appropriate for short-run printing when brilliant colours and a durable badge are required. Moreover, custom Plastisol iron-on transfers, hot split transfers, and sublimation transfers are also appropriate for use as club badges.

The most popular type of iron on transfers from us are the digitally printed transfers. So if you are searching Iron on transfers UK it is well worth looking at these.

There is also a new transfer badge that you may find if you have searched Iron on transfers UK. They are called DTF which stands for Direct To Film Transfers.

DTF transfers are becoming popular and now are an alternative to the iron on digital vinyl transfers.

They are are popular because they print with more vivid colours, are suitable to go on both poly and cotton materials and are cheaper than iron on transfers.

Applying the transfers are also easier.

These are the application instructions for DTF transfers:

The design will be printed as a mirror image, with white ink on the surface:

  1. Place the garment on the heat press, with the image facing up the right way.
  2. Press with firm pressure at 148oC / 150oC for 10 seconds
  3. Warm peel the film
  4. Cover the film parchment paper or a teflon sheet and press for a further 5 seconds.
DTF Transfer Applied to a Football Shirt
DTF Transfer Applied to a Football Shirt

We believe the rise of DTF transfers will continue and may even overtake the iron on vinyl transfers because of their versatility and cheaper cost.

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